Room Descriptions for Captain Grant''s, 1754

No image available Adelaide

Named after the wife of Captain Grant, this room features an 1800's Gothic bedroom set reconfigured to accomodate a queen size mattress.The room is heated by a gas fireplace, has a massive beamed ceilings and is one of the largest in the home.

No image available Elizabeth

Named after the last mistress to occupy the Inn as a home, this room features a four-poster canopied queen-size bed. The flooring, as in other rooms, is made of a hard heart pine - a species now extinct. Gun stock posts, open beams and easy deck access characterize this room.This room has a fireplace and is zoned for individual heat temperature.

No image available Amy

This room has a queen size Shaker style, four poster canopy bed, an 18th Century church pew, and 19th Century pedestal sink. The décor is a cheerful yellow making this one of our sunniest rooms.This room has a fireplace and is zoned for individual heat temperature.

No image available Collette

Named after the current owner, this is our largest room. It has a queen size iron sleigh bed and a twin bed. A futon mattress can be pulled out, providing sleeping comfort for two adults and two children or three adults. A massive beam crosses the ceiling. An antique la cross catcher hangs on the wall. A quiver and arrows done by an artist who provided the same for "Dances With Wolves" also adorns the walls.

No image available Margaret

Pictured with its black marble and white mahogany wood-burning fireplace firewood provided, this is our only room with true Victorian flair. The Margaret room has a queen size bed.

No image available Holly

This room features a queen size bed, whirlpool bath and antique furniture (c. 1910). At the foot of the bed is a fully working reproduction of an 18th century fireplace. The fireplace exterior of wooden panels is authentic to the time period of the home. In colder months, firewood is furnished and fires started for guests creating the ultimate romantic experience - a glass of wine, a roaring fire and "thou".

No image available Marie

The Marie Room is a first floor room. It has a massive beamed ceiling and a true Colonial feel. The bathroom is our largest. The bed is a full size authentic 1870's four poster canopy bed and although the room is a bit smaller than our other rooms it has all of the same amenities as our larger rooms; sherry, color cable TV and access to dessert all day and our guest fridge that has wine, beer and soda at no charge.