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Auberge Les amis de la nature (Sainte-Louise, NB)

La Girouette des Gloor (Sainte-Adele, QC)

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  • Present Hotel  Name, Address, Contact numbers and brief description of the Hotel.

  • Appear on Map and Geographic search results

  • Radius Search results presentation

  • Present your Hotel in up to 3 categories (your chain, Victorian inn, Motel etc.)

  • Get an e-mail from potential guests





       As "Basic" plus: 

  • 2 Links to your Website and to your Reservation System. 

  • Link to your hotel  and small image on the search results

  • Full Description page for your  hotel with one  image and hundreds of descriptive characteristics. Use Free Text on the Full Description page. 

  • We optimize your Full Description page for the the search engines (like Google) adding special unique keywords. We periodically submit the pages to the search engines. 

  • Your listing is a part of the Amenities Search. 

  • Access to Detailed Statistics for Number of Impressions and click-through rates for your listing

  • Higher placement on the search results and in the categories presentation





      As "Standard" plus: 

  • Publish your Special Offer as the most effective way to attract travelers 

  • Place 3  Images on the Full Description page. 

  •  Get the Priority Placement on the search results (higher than Standard), which does matter!






       As "Preferred" plus:  

  • Featured inns listing: Banners (small images of your hotel or logo  linked to your site) on the right side of City and  Area search results pages. We create 2 banners for you! 

  • Display your  hotel in surrounding cities and areas!

  • Room by Room presentation with images

  • You also have 10 Images on the full description page.   

  • Publish up to 3 Special Offers

  • Get Higher than Preferred  Placement on  search results and in the categories listings



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      As "Gold"  plus:  

  • The best exposure of your hotel banners on all pages of our site: homepage, map navigation pages, special offers pages etc.

  • 5 types of special offers 

  • Hot Deal advertisement on the Homepage

  • We create 3 banners for you for City, Area, and State Presentation!

  • 15 Images on the Full description Page

  • Virtual site feature - direct link to your full description page

  • Hold the Top Priority listing!



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We will create a complete profile for your vacation property within 24 hours and you will be invited to review your listing online.

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